How to Host a Party

Gather some friends and join us for a fun evening or creative fun!    We make everything from Family signs, funny quotes, kids room signs, porch signs and more.  You don't need to be crafty or artistic!  If you can follow instructions, you're halfway there!

At our events we will walk you through the steps to create your sign.  We have several options available but you can also create a custom piece. 

All supplies are provided to complete your sign from start to finish. You will receive a blank board and the stencil you chose.  Your sign is completely customized by you.  You choose the paint colors for the words and backgrounds.  We can guide you on color selection and of course you will have your friends there to give their opinions as well!!

Our workshops usually run 2.5-3 hours.  Since everyone makes their own thing, the time of each class varies.  The color selection takes the most time so try to think a bit ahead on what colors you'd like to use just to speed up the process a bit.  Some may finish a little earlier -- it all depends on the complexity of your sign.  We have a great variety of sizes and  It takes a lot longer to make a large sign than it does to make a small one. 

I split my time between Shaunavon and Moose Jaw so I plan my workshops accordingly

Minimum Participants - 8 for local parties (shaunavon or Moose Jaw) 
                                         15 for out of town parties up to 2 hours travel time
                                          20 for out of town parties over 2 hours travel time
Maximum Participants -  Maximum participants is 40. 
 ** For out of town parties of less minimum participants, a party can still be arranged but a mileage fee will be required as well. Mileage will vary, depending on distance.

WHAT DOES IT COST - Signs range in price from $20 - $100 depending on size of your sign. The only other cost may be the mileage fee where applicable - as explained above.

PAYMENT - Signs must be ordered on the website and prepaid 7 days in advance of the party.  VISA/MC & Etransfers are accepted. 

HOW TO SIGN UP - You visit the website and select a sign.  each product has space to input which party you're attending and any personalization details. 
There are many signs available on the website but I can also do custom Requests.
 FOR CUSTOMS- select the custom product, it allows you to input your quote or upload an image file. If you are unsure which size to pick, just pick one on the page and order - I can let you know if it needs an adjustment. I can rearrange most designs to fit most sizes within reason.  
 *****PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SPELLING and make sure you'd dont forget a name!!   any errors will result in an additional cost and possible postage fees.  if the error is on our part, we will of course fix/replace at our expense. 
*******PLEASE also check that all your information for your custom sign is added.  DO not purchase a CUSTOM sign and leave the information blank!  We will not know what to make you!

FUNDRAISERS  - We set up a separate product on our page to allow for pricing changes and to be able to easily sort the orders for your event.  We allow people to pick any sign they'd like to make in any size.  The charity arranges a location, and decides on profit ($10 or $20 per sign usually).  This is added to the base cost.  

REFUNDS - Due to the custom nature of ALL our workshops, there are NO REFUNDS FOR WORKSHOPS! However, if you cancel with at least 48 hours notice your FULL reservation fee will be turned into a store credit that can ONLY be used for future workshops. Same day cancellations or no-shows will NOT get a credit for a future workshop! Please email us ( to cancel. If you do not show up for a workshop that you have a spot reserved, you forfeit your payment.

HOSTESS RESPONSIBILITIES - As a hostess you are responsible for securing a date and time by booking the party.. It is up to you for the location whether it would be your house or a venue, have enough tables and chairs for your guests. A table for me to display the paint and stain. Remind everyone to register before the deadline (7 days before the party) and, inform guests that the party is for registered guest only. As the event gets closer remind the guests that have registered when and where the event is located and remind them to arrive a few minutes early so that we can start on time and keep everyone on the same steps. I usually create an event on my facebook page so we can use that or you can set up a separate event for private parties.  Refreshments are at your discretion. 

REWARDS - Hostess rewards are given to those who host a class.  If someone requests a class but I cover the cost of the hall/room rental, the hostess reward does not apply.  

$20 credit is given to the hostess for all parties that meet the minimum amount of participants required. 
PLEASE NOTE-- Hostess rewards are given in the form of a store credit only - no cash value.

SETUP/TEARDOWN         I will arrive between 45-60 minutes prior to start of event (depending on size of group), and all tables/chairs should be setup BEFORE I arrive.  I will provide table covers and all supplies. Tear-down will take approx 30 minutes as well.    We do require access to running water to fill water cups and clean brushes afterwards.             

QUESTIONS or to Inquire on available dates  EMAIL